Close Protection

Close Protection And Concierge Service for Executives And High-Net-Worth Individuals

EXECUTIVE SERVICE is unique, as we provide a range of services which are tailored for High-Net-Worth Individuals. We are specialized in close protection for individuals or small groups. We do not provide a industrial security service.

Close Protection for High Value Individuals

If you are a High-Value Target or a High-Net-Worth Individual, you should think twice about your security and that of those close to you. Personal protection for executives and their family members is our primary line of business. We provide trained and skilled Close Protection Specialists (PSD), bodyguards, who will protect you and your loved ones.

Driver Service

Carjacking and hijacking are prevalent in many parts of the world. These forms of crime are a major source of income especially in less developed countries. We provide (armed) drivers with the training for evasive driving. Unlike 'Jeeves' the chauffeur, our drivers serve multiple functions. They will take you, your family and friends to their destination, and provide close protection on the way, when you get there and on the way back..

Limousine Service

Arrive in safety and style with our limousine service. Our non-descript vehicles are elegant, yet discreet.

Flight Service

We can provide aircraft and/or pilots with different type certificates for aircraft and helicopters.

Concierge Service Plus

We provide specialized services when stenography by the 'young and pretty' will not do. Competence and discreetness are key.

Company Service

Our group not only provides personal protection, but a range of additional services for our clients like company registration, offshore registration, company domiciles and discreet secretarial services.


We now even arrange travel companions through a vetted discreet partner with many years of experience...