Foreign Nationals Should Consider Lockdown Implications

Please take a moment and consider the implications of a national lockdown. As of a certain moment, international airlines will no longer fly to South Africa. The airlines neither want to risk their staff, nor do they have passengers that seek entry to South Africa. As a result, any flight from South Africa will be a one-way flight - with no passengers on the leg to South Africa. This makes these flights unprofitable and the airlines will cancel their regular flight schedules.

Anyone that would like to leave South Africa in the near term, should do this now (as soon as possible). Please contact your embassy and advise them that you are in South Africa and desire to be repatriated to your respective country. Most countries will arrange limited flights to bring their citizens home. If you miss these flights, you will be stuck here until the lockdown is over and airlines resume their regular flight schedule!

The lockdown is scheduled for the 26th of March, beginning at 18:00 hours. Please make arrangements now. If you are staying in SA and need personal security, please contact Executive Service as soon as possible.