How to party safely in Cape Town

Go out in safety - with close protection by EXECUTIVE SERVICE ZA

Statistically speaking, Cape Town is one of the most dangerous cities in the world

Having a mobile phone or a wallet stolen is common, when you are frequenting the city center. When the sun goes down, the danger level increases. For good reason South African society has changed their dinner times and many restaurant kitchens close at 9:00pm.

Partying safely

If you want to be partying in the Mother City at night, we suggest professional security to guide you through the night. Our trained staff knows the Cape Town nightlife like no other. Our team members can discreetly ensure your personal safety.

Forget roofies in your drink, or obnoxious guys that won't take 'no' for an answer.

Don't drink and drive

Cape Town Police is typically not open for a bribe, so a drunk driving incident will at minimum mean a blood test, a night in jail and a hefty fine.

Your bodyguard will not only provide security for you and your friends whle you are partying, but he will drive you and your car home, so that you do not get in trouble in one of the frequent road blocks around Cape Town.

Why chance it, when we provide a reliable security solution for your nightlife jols?

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